We love to work with businesses of all sizes and building mutual long-term working relationships. If you are passionate about reselling natural cocosoy candles to your clients, and helping them achieve a clean air lifestyle, then we would love to work with you.

Here are the answers to the questions you may have about wholesale pricing and reselling our products:


  1. Are all your products available through a Wholesale agreement. Not all. Lys Creations NZ products are individually hand-crafted right here in NZ, we do not use big machines or low cost products to make our natural soy candles.  We do have a few products which have very little margin in them, and so we cannot discount the price on these.
  2. Who is wholesale pricing for? Wholesale is for businesses that have a shop front, whether that is online or a physical shop that people can visit. Whether you are wishing to sell our candles as a Stand alone product or as part of  hamper, gift basket or the likes we are excited that you chose us.
  3. Yes, there are minimum purchase quantities to get the lower pricing. Please email Pene on lyscreationsnz@gmail.com for current minimum purchase levels and more details.
  4. Do you offer free shipping on wholesale orders? No, but shipping is charged at our cost (we do not add anything extra on top) We do not currently ship outside of New Zealand.
  5. Do you offer wholesale to businesses outside New Zealand? No sorry not yet.
  6. Credit accounts? No, we do not offer accounts. Payment is due before the candles are shipped to you, see below on how to order.
  7. How do I order? First email us and let us know all about your business. That is: The business name, website, street address.  We will email you back with any questions and then send you a price list. We are happy to discuss any special requests or ideas you may have. Place an order by email, and we will let you know the timing for your order (when we will have it ready). We will then send an invoice, once payment is received, we will confirm expected delivery date of your order and start creating your candles.

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to call Pene on 022 362 6913 or email Pene at office@lyscreationsnz.com

We look forward to working together.


Lys Creations NZ