Salt & Oil NZ - Why we offer their products.

Relax with Natural NZ-Made Bath Soaks,
Magnesium Oils.


It started with a broken foot. And turned in a family-owned NZ Small Business with lovely natural bath soaks and magnesium oils that you've just stumbled upon.

To read more about the amazing Salt & Oil Team, their products and a few Sporting Stars that use their products click here.

A little bit more on the Salt & Oil Range we are currently offering.

Bath Soaks contain:
  • Truly Natural Epsom Salt (not the usual man-made stuff you find in the shops) to help relax sore muscles, soothe your mind and support healthy sleep patterns.
  • Pure Himalayan Pink Salt with its 84 body-boosting nutrients.
  • Different essential oils to suit your needs.
Bath Soaks DON’T contain:
  • Additives such as fillers, flow agents, bleach, or colourants.
  • Fluffy extras like glitter or flower petals - who has time to clean that out the bath?!

Magnesium Oil Spray contains:

  • Pure, high-grade, ethically sourced Magnesium Chloride.
  • New Zealand ultra-distilled water.

Salt & Oil Bath Soaks can be used:

  • In the bath
  • In the shower
  • As a foot soak


Everyone including Children can and will benefit from using these products.

All Salt & Oil products are NZ-made, from pure, non-GMO ingredients, and are not tested on animals. They contain no added colours, fillers or flow agents.

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