Our Foodie Fragrance List


Our Food scented candles are sure to give you lots of "OMG that smells good enough to eat" moments. The aroma of freshly picked juicy ripe fruit, freshly baked morsels of yum, wafting hints of chocolate and coffee. Sweet and sour, tart and fresh.

All of our 100% Natural Fragranced Candles are available in either our 60ml Fragrance Experience Tins, our range of Travel Tins and any of our amazing containers and are all individually created for you with our premium Cocosoy Wax.

p.s. write down the fragrances you love as you go so you don't forget to order them all.

An undeniable aroma of sunshine, fine days, & fresh ripened apricots.
Berry Basket
Tart raspberry, sweet sun-kissed strawberry, juicy blueberries. Combine these delicious summer fruits with hints of blackberry, pineapple, & citrus, & you have a fragrance that’s good enough to eat. 
Blueberry Cheesecake
The delicious & irresistible aroma of freshly baked vanilla cheesecake topped with sweet, tangy blueberries.
Brown Sugar & Fig
This inviting fragrance is warm & just a little exotic with tantalising notes of fig caramelised brown sugar & musk. *Infused with Lemon essential oils.
Savour the aromatic bliss of bold espresso, brown sugar & caramel & awaken your senses with a luscious layer of sweet, creamy Vanilla on top.
Who can pass up the decadent aroma of sweet, gooey caramel?
Chocolate Fudge
Rich, dark chocolate with a touch of cream! A delicious fudge-y fragrance which will make mouths water. 
Cinnamon Vanilla
A classical fragrance of French Vanilla with a touch of cinnamon.
Coffee Fragrance
Reminiscent smells of a freshly brewed pot of coffee.
Cucumber & Mint
Subtle scents of cucumber, green tea & bergamot trailed by wild mint, thyme & sandalwood, a fresh clean fragrance.
Decadent, rich & delicious with chocolate & Peppermint & creamy Vanilla. Seriously smells good enough to eat.
Green Tea & Lemon-grass
A refreshing combination of sophisticated green tea with the clean notes of lemon-grass
Hot Apple Pie
A delicious blend of apple & cinnamon & sweet sugar combined with lashings of whipped cream.
Italian Espresso
One of the many human pleasures is to start the day with a cup of coffee, an actual ritual that dates back centuries. It speaks of friendship, relaxation, & any excuse to have a break.
Lemon Balm & Rosemary
Enjoy the calming ambience of this famous blend of medicinal aromatics, including lemon, lime & vetiver.
Magnolia & Peach
Soft, fresh, lively, & fruity. Magnolia blooms, dancing with oriental Orchids, dropping into a dewy green among a fruity Peach nectar base.
Mandarin& Mimosa
Crisp dewy fruit, mandarin, oranges, tangerines, & sweet berries open to combine a medley of pineapple, mimosa blossoms, peaches, plums, fruity Jasmine, & soft lavender. Sitting upon beautiful lilies & vanilla.
Mango & Coconut Milk
A breezy tropical blend of fresh juicy mango & rich creamy coconut milk. Orange and pineapple melds with ripe mango and a touch of peach rounded out with lush coconut milk to provide a luxurious fruit medley.
Natural Strawberry
Sun-ripened, juicy strawberry with subtle notes of apple, grape, & Jasmine
Orange Vanilla    
Sweet oranges highlighted with the luxurious aroma of Tahitian Vanilla.
The natural fruitiness of sun-ripened summer raspberries… juicy sweet with a delightfully sweet & creamy bottom note.
Smokers Lollies
Childhood memories of either Macey’s Spacemen lollies or pursed lips from fake smoking spring to mind with the first breath of the musky sweet notes mixed with spiced aniseed & clove in a sweet sugary base.
Sweet juicy wild strawberries with just a touch of vanilla.
Sweet Orange & Chilli Pepper
A light vanilla enhanced with musk & citrus with notes of chilli & sweet orange.
Tahitian Lime & Grapefruit
Bright, vibrant citrus notes with a clean & fruity finish.
Wildberry Bliss
The fragrant scent of mixed summer berries, zesty citrus mixed in with tonka bean and cinnamon bark and musky notes. 

Did you remember to write down your favourites?  Too many to choose from?

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About our candles and ingredients
*All Fragrances used in Lys Creations NZ candles are highly purified and are guaranteed to be 100% Phthalate free, so you can breathe easy.
*Some fragrance oils may discolour wax due to their unique colour and vanillin content, and their natural reaction to other ingredients or the container material. The fragrance is not at fault, and you can expect your candles to burn normally.

 Phthalate Free

 Lys Creations NZ 100% Natural Fragranced Candles Food List

Current as at 31st January 2022