My theory is, you can never ask too many questions.  And the only stupid questions are the ones that you do not ask.

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What Kind of wax do you use in your candles?
At Lys Creations NZ we use a blend of Coconut Wax and Soy Wax. Both Coconut and Soy Wax are vegan friendly and sustainable natural products. To read more about different types of wax please click here.

What type of wicks do you use?
We currently use 100% Natural cotton wicks that are zinc and lead free.  To read more about our candles and ingredients please click here.

Why do you only sell candles and not diffusers and other products?
I created Lys Creations NZ to be able to provide everyone with a candle that reflects their personality, their passions, and their desires.  I decided very early on that I would focus only on candles so that I was able to provide the best possible 100% Natural Hand-crafted candle made right here in New Zealand.   

Do you refill containers?

Yes, we can refill containers. But not all containers can be refilled, some are better to be repurposed. To read more about recycling please click here.

Why do you not refill competitors’ containers?

Whilst recycling, up-cycling, re-purposing are just a few of many synonyms that help to explain why we do Candle Container Refills; there are also safety, liability, and legal reasons that we may choose to not refill a container that you send to us.

Can I recycle my Lys Creations NZ candle Jar or Tin?
Absolutely! You can re-purpose it or recycle it. Either way, pour boiling water with a little mild dish-washing detergent into the container, then fill to the top with more hot water. Let it cool, and any waxy residue should have formed a plug or film on top of the water. Remove the plug or film and pour water onto a garden or plant (wax is compostable). Carefully remove the wick holder from the bottom of the container and wipe the interior of the container with a soft disposable cloth or non-scratch kitchen sponge. Give the container a quick final wash with a little warm soapy water, let it dry and you are good to go—recycle it or reuse/re-purpose your container.

When will my order be despatched?
Orders made on a normal weekday between Monday to Friday will be processed, invoiced and notification of expected delivery date will be advised within 24 hours of receipt of order and payment. Orders placed between 12.00pm Friday to Sunday will be processed, invoiced and notification of expected delivery date will be advised by 3.00pm on the Monday.

How do I know when my order has been despatched?
You will be notified by email when your order is dispatched and will be given a courier tracking link for your order.

Who owns Lys Creations NZ and are your candles created in New Zealand?
Lys Creations NZ is owned by Pene Gross, based in Hunua, Auckland.  All candles are individually hand-crafted and poured in small batches by Pene in her Hunua Studio.

Do your candles expire or go off?
It is recommended that candles be used within 12 months of purchasing.  It is recommended that you store candles that are not being used with a lid or cover to keep dust etc out and they are best kept in a dark, cool area.

Why does my candle look like it has frosted or wet marks in the container?

This may occur due to temperature changes in transit. Your candle will still smell amazing and burn perfectly. 

More information will be added in the near future.


Pene Gross
Lys Creations NZ
Phone 022 362 6913



**Containers purchased/used by Lys Creations NZ must meet the ASTM Compliance of Glass to be used for Candles

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