About us

About Lys Creations NZ

We have been creating Hand-Crafted candles since 2016

Hi, I'm Pene, I've been creating hand-crafted candles since 2016, and it's been an incredible journey. It all started when I was struggling with depression and anxiety, and I needed something to distract myself from the negativity in my life. I decided to start making candles as a hobby, but soon found that it helped me find healing and solace in the process of creating them.
Fast forward a few years and knowing that I was not the only person that was looking for amazing candles that are made in New Zealand I started Lys Creations NZ to provide consumers with a range of candles that are natural and practical.
Our Goal

We focus on quality ingredients, but also on creating products that will bring joy into your life.

The first step was to create a range of candles that provide consumers with a natural product. Then, I began creating candles with specific requests in mind, like those who want something different from what is already on the market—or people who are going through stressful times in their lives and could use the help of something special.
Now, I want to share my love of hand-crated candles with you! I am so excited to be able to offer 100% natural handmade candles in New Zealand-made that are created with an individual's needs and requests in mind. My candles aren't just pretty; they're also made with care and attention to detail by myself as I understand how important it is for every candle to be unique.
I believe that every person deserves a candle that speaks to them—one that reflects their personality, their passions, and their interests. And because my customers are so important to me, I make sure that every step of the process is done by hand so that each candle has its own unique story and character.
In the end, I would say keep visiting our website and enjoy the quality content.
My goal is for every person who lights one of my candles to feel like they've made an investment in themselves—to feel like they're truly taking care of themselves and their space.