About us

Lys Creations NZ is based in Hunua, Auckland. Providing the best quality products with excellent customer service is the foundation of Lys Creations NZ!


As a small business owner-operator, my passion is to create hand-crafting candles which are ethically and sustainable products.


Lys Creations NZ Candles came about during Covid-19 Level 4 2020; like many others, sources of income became unsecured. I had been making candles for several years as a hobby for myself, my family & friends. 


During the Level 4 lock-down, I had time on my hands and renewed my love for making amazing candles (I have them burning everywhere at night as prefer the gentle glow of candlelight to electric light.) I spent a lot of time experimenting and playing with different waxes, wicks, and fragrances. When I introduced my “new candles” to family and friends, they loved them so much that they encouraged me to follow my heart and the candlelight to a new and exciting life.


Lys is the Danish word for light or candle. Whilst I was born and bred in Auckland, New Zealand, my father was born in Denmark, and as I was always Daddy’s girl growing up, I wanted to acknowledge my heritage and the time he gave me growing up.


Our goal at Lys Creations NZ is to create a candle that brings light, love, peace, and happiness into everyone’s lives. Every candle is carefully hand-poured and individually crafted in small batches.


Our systems and procedures guarantee each candle is individually hand poured and created with the up-most care to attention and detail. With every Lys Creations NZ candle, you can expect a beautiful, creamy candle with a strong hot and cold scent throw right through your candle’s life to awaken all your senses. And trust me, I have many candles in my “seconds” box that do not make the cut.


The ingredients used are 100% natural and are either from sustainable or regeneratable sources. The wicks used are natural cotton and are free of Zinc and Lead. The wax I use is guaranteed to be 100% natural and NOT tested on animals. Fragrance and essential oils are highly purified and are certified phthalate and paraben-free. We never use additives, dyes, preservatives, phthalates, parabens, sulphates, or petroleum.


When you purchase or receive a Lys Creations NZ candle, you know that you can breathe easy while enjoying a candle that is as eco-friendly as we can make.

Pene xx

My amazing Daughter, Son and granddaughters along with myself.