About the Fragrances we use

The fragrances I choose to create Lys Creations NZ individually poured hand-crafted candles with are all high-quality Natural or Concentrated Fragrance Oils. I purchase from reputable suppliers only. Fragrances must meet several criteria before purchasing and testing; these include the manufacturer of the fragrances being members of the RIFM (the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials) and IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and being compliant and certified.

Fragrances must be highly purified and guaranteed free of phthalates, paraffin, and UV inhibitors. In addition, fragrances cannot be nor have been tested on animals and must be cruelty-free.  

The fragrances included in my range fall under two fragrance categories. 

  • Natural Fragrance Oils: are made with a MINIMUM of 80% natural plant-based ingredients and essential oils. These fragrances are fixed with Propylene glycol (a synthetic plant-based fixative), which holds our fragrances, ensuring a long-lasting scent in our candles.
  • Concentrated Fragrance Oils are made from natural, naturally derived, and synthetic ingredients. They are non-toxic and vegan. These oils do not hold therapeutic benefits.

The third type of fragrance I offer on a request basis is Essential Oils: these are 100% pure, therapeutic grade and are sourced from certified and ethical producers. The essential oils I offer are grown and distilled with integrity and care. They are GMO, Pesticide or Chemical fertilisers Free.

The fragrances I offer are purchased from suppliers who guard their recipes closely and develop and formulate fragrances specifically for candles. Therefore, whilst I cannot provide an exact list of ingredients, I usually can offer a list of fragrance “notes” including top, middle, and base notes.

I do take care to mention any ingredients that may cause sensitivity in some circumstances.

Some fragrance oils may discolour wax or candle containers due to the unique colour and vanillin content and their natural reaction to other ingredients. However, the fragrance is not at fault, nor is the creation process of your candle. The quality of your candle is still of the highest quality and will burn perfectly.

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