About our Candles & Ingredients

Lys Creations NZ Candles are individually hand-crafted in Hunua, Auckland.  Candles are created in small batches to control and guarantee the quality of each candle is kept to the highest standard.

All ingredients used to make our Candles are 100% natural and are either from sustainable or regeneratable sources. The wicks used are natural cotton and are free of Zinc and Lead.

The wax we use is guaranteed to be 100% natural and NOT tested on animals.

Fragrance and essential oils are highly purified and are certified phthalate and paraben-free. We never use additives, dyes, preservatives, phthalates, parabens, sulphates, or petroleum. All fragrances are approved by IFRA.

Wax Types used:

Natural Soy Wax – Super Creamy is blended from 100% pure soy-beans. GMO Free. A typical 250ml candle will burn for around 50 hours. Burns at a Skin safe temperature. Contains only Pure Soy Wax - No Additives.

Advanced Soyacoco Vegan Candle Wax - A proprietary blend of high performance candle wax, sourced from partially hydrogenated vegetable oils of soya bean and coconut. Please NOTE- The largest part of this blend of soy and coconut wax is soy wax. There are No additives just pure vegetable wax. GMO Free. Candles will smell strong before it is lit (cold throw) and during burning (hot throw). Clean burning and Renewable. Contains only Pure Soy Wax, Pure Coconut Wax - No Additives.

Pure Coconut Candle Wax - This Pure Coconut Candle Wax is made from cold-pressed Coconut meat, the same way Coconut Oil is extracted. It then goes through a hydrogenation process, where coconut oil is transformed into a creamy white coloured candle wax.  GMO Free. Burns slower and cleaner than straight soy wax, making candles last longer.  Created from a sustainable, easily renewable crop. Vegan.

Fragrance Types we use:
Natural fragrance oils are International Fragrance Association (ifra), compliant and certified. Created with a minimum of 80% natural plant-based ingredients and essential oils. Propylene glycol (a synthetic plant-based fixative) is what holds and ‘fixes’ these fragrances, ensuring a long-lasting scent. PHTHALATE-FREE, VEGAN AND CRUELTY-FREE. Natural fragrances are completely oil-based.  

Concentrated fragrance oils are International Fragrance Association (ifra), compliant and certified. Made from natural, naturally derived, and synthetic ingredients. Non-toxic and vegan. Fragrance oils have no therapeutic benefits. They do not contain UV inhibitors, phthalates, or paraffin, mineral or palm oil. Suitable for cosmetics, soaps, candles, diffusers, and bath bombs. Skin-safe at 2-3%. Disclaimer: Some fragrance oils may discolour wax and soap due to their unique colour and vanillin content and their natural reaction to other ingredients.

Essential Oils or what I call EO’s are 100% pure, Therapeutic grade essential oils and are sourced from certified and ethical producers worldwide. No effort is spared to maintain the high quality and purity of these essential oils and other products. Certificate of analysis, specifications and MSDS are available on request. All essential oils are grown and distilled with integrity and care (not distilled from GMO raw materials.) They are free from pesticides or chemical fertilisers.

**All fragrances used by Lys Creations NZ are sourced from reputable New Zealand companies whose focus is on sourcing and providing New Zealand Chandlers with the best and safest Fragrance & Essential Oil products available.

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