6 Candles that will have your home smelling like Christmas in no time.

December is just around the corner, and the festive season is about to kick into gear.

There are so many things that bring the feeling of Christmas into your home, your office or your bach. 

Some fragrances like a freshly decorated live pine tree in the living room, or gingerbread cookies baking in the oven, will probably take you back to your childhood, there is an easier way to bring Christmas & the fragrances into your world.

A 100% Natural Hand-crafted Candle by Lys Creations NZ will fill every room with a festive fragrance without the worry of allergies, remembering to turn the Christmas lights on and off and the family moggy won't be chased up the Christmas Tree by the your trusty K9.

So here are just a few of my favourite Christmas fragrances and amazing containers that will look perfect this Christmas.


Christmas Hearth - 200ml Pine Tree or 600ml Pine Tree



Our Christmas Hearth fragranced candles combine spicy orange with fir & pine notes with a hint of earthy smokiness.

*Spicy/Earthy Fragrance - Perfect for Lounge, Dining and Entrance Areas.

Top Notes: Cinnamon, Ginger,Orange Peel. Middle Notes: Clove, Cypress. Base Notes: Pine, Fir.


 Christmas Lilies - 200ml Silver Christmas Tree or 600ml Silver Christmas Tree



A Christmas Floral Masterpiece.

The scent of white lilies is the essence of Christmas here in New Zealand, synonymous with our midsummer festive season.

*Floral Fragrance - Perfect for Bedroom, Bathroom, Lounge & Entrance Areas.


Cranberry Ice - 350ml Glossy Red Candela Tumbler



Embellish your home & indulge your senses with our Cranberry Ice Fragranced Candles.

The tart scent of cranberries mingles with warm notes of creamy vanilla and marshmallow for a mouth-watering splash of tangy sweetness in the air.

*Foodie/Fruity Fragrance - Perfect for Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Areas.


Sugar Plums & Fairies - LTD Season Red Christmas 400ml Tumbler



Envisage Sparkling Pink Glitter & Tutu's.

Opening with a citrus zing, our Sugar Plums & Fairies fragranced candles will enchant and capture your senses featuring juicy red fruits, smooth cinnamon & spice for that festive buzz. Subtle plums, dark cherries and sweet oranges enhanced with peppery wood undertones.

*Fruity Fragrance - Perfect for Bedroom, Bathroom & Lounge Areas.

Top Notes: Plum, Black Cherries, Strawberries, Mandarin, Orange. Mid Notes: Black Pepper, Clove, Cinnamon.  Base Notes: Sandalwood, Eucalyptus.


Sleigh Bells - 400ml Silver Frosted Christmas



Can you hear them ringing?

With the scents of sweet oranges, green apples, candied peppermints mingled with hints of clove & ginger. This seasonal fragranced candle brings together all the smells of the night before Christmas and the anticipation of Reindeer & Sleigh Bells en route to deliver your presents for Christmas Day.

*Festive/Foodie Fragrance – Perfect for Lounge, Dining, Kitchen & Entertainment Areas.


 Pohutakawa - 250ml Floral Rouge




The Kiwi Christmas Tree.

The Kiwi summer Christmas tree. Fresh and delicate floral notes combine with light woody tones to deliver a lovely light Pohutukawa Fragrance.

*Floral Notes – Perfect for Bedroom, Bathroom & Lounge Areas.


Remember, this is just a few of our Christmas Fragrances  and Christmas Themed Containers that are available for a Limited Time.

Make Christmas 2022 a Christmas to remember with Lys Creations NZ.