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Breast Cancer Awareness Month is 1st - 31st October each year.

Last year we were able to donate $186.00. Help us DOUBLE that this year.

In New Zealand, nine women a day are told they have breast cancer - and their lives are changed forever. For every woman diagnosed, there are many more families and friends affected. It can be hard to know what to do to help.


To help work towards the Breast Cancer Foundations vision of zero deaths from breast cancer, and support those in the community affected by breast cancer we are donating 10% of each sale of our Special Limited Edition Pink Label White Travel Tins.


Available in 60ml, 110ml, 150ml & 200ml Seamless Travel Tins.


Available in:
Capturing the essence of a Kiwi classic fragrance in the delicate notes of New Zealand’s “unofficial” national flower, the Kowhai.
Pink Apple & Vanilla
A spectacular gourmand blend of Pink Lady Apples and sun-ripened Pomegranate infused with creamy Vanilla pod and sweet shortcrust pastry. Creating an elegant and zesty, fruity sweet versus tart fragrance.
Pink Himalayan Salt
A soothing and relaxing ambient scent assists in recreating negative ions found in nature, created by lightning storms, sunlight, waterfalls, and ocean waves. 


10% of each sale is donated to The Breast Cancer Foundation of NZ.


About our Candles & Ingredients.
IMPORTANT NOTES: Candle tins have a clear protective coating, be careful not to scratch the coating as moisture can lead to metal rusting.
A guide to Candle Care & Safety
** Some fragrance oils may discolour wax due to their unique colour and vanillin content and their natural reaction to other ingredients or the container material. However, the fragrance is not at fault, and you can expect your candles to burn normally.
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