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  • Keeping on top of things

    In this day and age, having children to take care of and having a career is the norm for most parents, and it seems some Super Mums stay on top of...
  • How long will my candle last? Why has my candle not lasted as long as advised?

    There are many reasons for why a candle may burn slower or quicker than advised on the purchase page or packaging.

    Candle Care is first and foremost.  Making sure your candle gets off to the right start from the first light.

    Candle variables make a difference.  The variables involved in candle making will make a difference in the burn times for candle products.

    Other factors in the environment also affect your candle’s burn time, including: air movement, amount of oxygen, and room temperature will also affect it.

  • World Cancer Day 4th of February & Breast Cancer Foundation of NZ.

    Whilst I am scheduled to be working on something else completely different this afternoon, my memory was jogged by an email I just received from th...
  • Our Collaborations

    We love getting together with other great NZ Made Small Businesses and providing customers with the best of the best.

    To help you easily access other NZ individually hand-crafted products we have collaborated with like-minded companies and can bring those to you here.  These are individually made with the finest ingredients and lots of love and care.

  • Have you ever had a candle that looks like it has a mushroom growing on top of the wick?

    Have you ever had a candle that looks like it has a mushroom growing on top of the wick?

    What is this strange phenomenon? What causes it? Is it harmful to my candle or my environment?

    Simple answer: a wick will mushroom when the wax of your candle cannot burn fast enough to keep up with the wick. The wick will absorb the wax, creating a build-up of carbon particles on the wick.
  • Why is the inside of my candle tin turning pink or slightly discoloured?

    Lys Creations NZ does not use candle tins that have been “varnished” on the interior with an unnecessary chemical wash. Yes, it looks nice and shiny on the outside but it is a chemical bath for our candles! Our products are 100% Hand Made in small batches, by hand, from start to finish – just the way you would expect from a small artisan business. This can mean there will be slight differences in the wax colours or scent throw between batches.
  • Re-Gifting Day 16th December

    Re-gifting can sometimes be a cruel or awkward task.  Why? Because there are times when you may have had it in the cupboard for a while and forgotten who gave it to you and you accidentally re-gift to them, or someone happens to mention to the receive that they know who originally purchased the gift and who it was originally given too.
  • Christmas Trading & Delivery Close Off Dates

    The Showroom will be open Tuesday 21st December 1.00 pm - 5.00 pm and Wednesday 22nd December 10.00 am - 3.00 pm. Our Showroom is at 12 Moumoukai Road, Hunua.

    Feel free to place online orders 24/7 or call in during our Showroom hours. Please give us a call on 022 362 6913 or email us if you have any questions or special request orders.

    Our office and showroom will close at 3.00pm on 22nd Dec 2021, and will re-open at 9.00am on the 17th of Jan 2022.

    Feel free to place online orders during this time and we will attend to them as soon as we get back.

    We can not guarantee deliveries via Couriers etc prior to Friday 24th December.

    We will of course continue to dispatch orders & offer our click and collect service right up until the 22nd of December. For Rural areas please allow at least an extra 2 days on top of these dates.

    We hope you and your families have a great festive period and get to enjoy a well-deserved break.

    Warmest regards


  • WOW only 24 sleeps or 561 hours or 33,681 minutes to go until xmas

    So something I am really going to take the time for this year is to do as much shopping online, and source goods and presents from Small Local or NZ Made businesses like myself. We have a fantastic community of people right here in New Zealand who are incredibly talented, who have taken that leap of faith, given up substantial time for themselves and, at times, with Their Families and Friends to make their dreams a reality.
  • Looking for Naturally Softer Skin without the harsh commercial chemicals?

    The latest addition to our selection of NZ owned and created businesses is the Inspired Soap Company. The Inspired Soap Company is owned and run by...
  • We wish you a...OMG it's only 141 days until Christmas!!

    Now I know you may think it a little early to start talking about this... but it is only 52 sleeps till Christmas. It does not matter if you a...
  • Just a little more about Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

    With only a few days left of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we would love to be able to finish the month off with a bang and really make a noticeab...