WOW only 24 sleeps or 561 hours or 33,681 minutes to go until xmas

It's 1st December and the 1st day of Summer, are you as excited as I am?

YES, because the days are still getting longer and warmer and brighter. We are nearly allowed to visit with Family and Friends, many of whom we have not seen for a few months, so that is SUPER DUPER exciting. Beach, BBQ, Outdoor Fun in the Sun. It is all starting to happen.

NO, because those of us who have typically done all the crazy Christmas present shopping by now have not been able to, and probably still do not want to (not a fan of crowds at the best of times).

So something I am really going to take the time for this year is to do as much shopping online, and source goods and presents from Small Local or NZ Made businesses like myself. We have a fantastic community of people right here in New Zealand who are incredibly talented, who have taken that leap of faith, given up substantial time for themselves and, at times, with Their Families and Friends to make their dreams a reality.

The little happy dance a Small Business owner does each and every time they receive your order does not get boring or forgotten. It is always followed by YYEESSZZ!! It means every little thing they do makes a difference to the product you buy either for yourself or as a gift. It means that you have taken the time to look for and buy a quality hand-crafted item.

And with such uncertain times ahead of us all, it means that Small Business owner is helping their community stay afloat. That Small Business owner may be able to grow their Business enough to employ someone next month or next year that may have lost employment from a Large Corporation during this pandemic.

So if you get a chance, take the time to Shop Online and shop with a Small New Zealand made Business.

Be safe and have a very blessed Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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