World Cancer Day 4th of February & Breast Cancer Foundation of NZ.

Whilst I am scheduled to be working on something else completely different this afternoon, my memory was jogged by an email I just received from the Breast Cancer Foundation of NZ that tomorrow 4th of February is World Cancer Day.

Late last year Lys Creations NZ participated in Breast Cancer Awareness Month by creating and selling White Travel Tins with special Pink Labels in 3 specific fragrances.  We have a reasonably good response, and two NZ Companies support us and purchased these specifically designed products to assist in raising funds to assist in bringing more awareness to New Zealanders with regards to Breast Cancer education.  These two companies were Salt & Oil NZ and Archibald & Shorter Auckland.

The Breast Cancer Foundation of NZ in conjunction with an expert team from the University of Auckland have undertaken a study to find out what are NZ’s biggest challenges when it comes to tackling breast cancer? Whether things are getting better?

A report is going to be released tomorrow 4th of February on World Cancer Day which is based on a first ever review of Te Rehita Mate Utaetae – Breast Cancer Foundation National Register.  If you are interested in receiving a copy of this report please sign up now.

There are always going to be opportunities for change and improvement to assist and help Breast Cancer Sufferers and Survivors both here in New Zealand and world-wide.  The report also includes BCFNZ’s recommendations for change.  And will be a great tool to help The Breast Cancer Foundation NZ to reach their vision of zero deaths from breast cancer.

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