What goes into creating a perfect Lys Creations NZ 100% Natural Hand-crafted Candle?

At Lys Creations NZ, our inspiration starts with you. We create candles that reflect your personality and surroundings.

Along with finding unique containers and sourcing the best ingredients, there is a considerable amount of background blood, sweat and, at times, tears.

Each container is tested with various wick sizes and fragrance percentages to create the best burn time and product performance. When these basic requirements, Container + Wick + Fragrance = perfect burn time and stunning candle, and excellent performance from start to finish don’t work that the basic background stuff starts.  

Was the room temperature correct? Was the wax temperature correct? Was wax temperature correct when the fragrance was added? Was the candle mixture at the right temperature when poured into the container?

Each fragrance is created differently – each has a different component makeup and has various flashpoints and reacts differently in wax and wax types. The fragrance percentage per wax weight is adjusted, and the process starts all over again and keeps going until the perfect balance is found.

A Lys Creations NZ candle is not just a candle, nor is it comparable to its mass-produced cousins. But that is another story for another day.

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