What do I do when I am not creating your amazing candle? I test, test and re-test.

Lys Creations NZ 100% Natural candles do not just happen. 

There is a lot that goes on in the background before you receive your perfect candle.

There are three main things I do and test: I test new fragrances, I re-test fragrances with new batches of wax, I re-test everything in any new containers.

Why do I test fragrances?

I like keeping things fresh and exciting for you. Formulations may be slightly different for various reasons and any variations change how the fragrance reacts and burns depending on the wick, wax, and container combinations. Lys Creations NZ candles are created in small, hand-crafted batches which also allows me to test and retest each time I create a candle. Constant testing allows me to maintain an exceptionally high quality, even burn from edge to edge without any black soot, and I can make sure the fragrance is evenly distributed throughout the candle for an amazing scent that lasts from start to finish -- both hot and cold.

Why re-test existing fragrances?

Safety is paramount! The Cocosoy wax I use to make candles is all-natural.  It is important that I test each batch of wax, just in case there are any environmental changes in the characteristics of the wax which could change how the candle burns and performs. 

Why re-test containers?

Again, this is about safety.  Whilst container supplies follow all safety standards I like to know that I too have double checked a new batch of container to make sure that the measurements and formulas I use to create Lys Creations NZ hand-crafted candles are going to perform and burn perfectly.

xx oo xx

Pene  Lys Creations NZ

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