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  • Refills - Refilling Empty Containers

    Scented candles are amazing, they smell incredible and nothing comes close to your favourite fragrance in your favourite candle container.

    Refills - Why we do refills of empty candle containers...

    Sustainability is the easy reason. Recycling, up-cycling, repurposing are just a few of many synonyms that help to explain why we choose to do Candle Container Refills.

  • How long will my candle last? Why has my candle not lasted as long as advised?

    There are many reasons for why a candle may burn slower or quicker than advised on the purchase page or packaging.

    Candle Care is first and foremost.  Making sure your candle gets off to the right start from the first light.

    Candle variables make a difference.  The variables involved in candle making will make a difference in the burn times for candle products.

    Other factors in the environment also affect your candle’s burn time, including: air movement, amount of oxygen, and room temperature will also affect it.