Steph Wiki & the annual "Splash of Pink" Black Tie Gala

Steph Wiki is a Breast Cancer survivor and the organiser of the annual Splash of Pink Black-Tie Gala.

Here is a bit about Steph and her story…
I was diagnosed with BC at age 40 with no family history at all. I had a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction at the same time. (Well, it's a process, of course).
I was diagnosed the same week as our ChCh Feb earthquake.... and lived in ChCh, which brought me to Akl as all my surgeries and treatment were all up here. Funny how things work... I love it in AkL and would not have been here had this shitty thing happened. always a silver lining, ah!
I had always worked closely with the Breast Cancer Foundation and was called upon to speak at events for them around Insurance etc., (as that is my job), so when I was diagnosed, I was fortunate to have the support and knowledge, which really helped.
I now do public speaking events and hold my bi-annual gala to help raise awareness and money, of course. 
The biggest thing is early detection, as you know. So, the more stories etc. that we can put out there, the better x
Check out this story on Newshub, where I share how my journey with breast cancer shaped my relationship with money: 

Stephanie Wiki
Director/Senior Insurance Adviser
027 443 9019

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