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I posted a blog a few years ago called “Why We Do Candle Refills.” I updated it last year, and I wanted to bring it up to date because the issues surrounding candle refills are changing. The purpose of this blog is to share our thoughts on the subject and explain what we're doing at Lys Creations NZ.

Whilst recycling, up-cycling, re-purposing are just a few of many synonyms that help to explain why we do Candle Container Refills; there are also safety, liability, and legal reasons that we may choose to not refill a container that you send to us.

Your favourite scent in your favourite candle container makes any room homier and more welcoming. The finish and material of the container should be considered when requesting a candle refill, because some candle containers may scratch or flake over time. An alternative is our Tea-light candles, or our travel tins are a great option to fit into a previously used candle container in your favourite scent.

Black Painted Candle Container with flaking paint interior


Here are a few things I ask customers to think about prior to requesting containers to be filled for the purpose of burning as a candle.

*A potential danger is that all candles involve fire, any flame can create a dangerous situation.

Glass - Misplaced candles are a hazard in the home, and it's not just refilled containers that can be dangerous. Large- and small-batch candles produced by manufacturers also pose a risk of explosion if they're used improperly.

When a glass candle jar explodes, the most common culprit is an abandoned candle that burns down too far and creates too much heat. Candle safety instructions always recommend keeping an eye on the candle, never leaving it unattended, and stopping the candle when 1 centimetre of wax remains. This why Lys Creations NZ used Cocosoy Wax for all our candles; it burns at a much lower heat than other waxes. 

Recycling Glass - Not all glass vessels are suitable for candle making or can be reused. While a glass container may be able to handle the cooling and reheating of wax several times, bumps, drops and chips can weaken its structural integrity. Since the creation of candles is accompanied by the occasional (and inevitable) slip up, it's important to use a vessel that can withstand such accidents. Oops I dropped the candle on the carpet, followed by the sigh of relief that you did not spill wax or that the jar did not break - has just weakened your Candle Container.

Rule of Thumb or Thumbs – We regret that we cannot refill branded or trademarked candles, as doing so could violate the trademark and lead to legal issues.

When recycling a previously used glass candle jar, only recycle the jar once, and ONLY once. Then up-cycle your jar by making it into something else or lastly put it in the recycling bin and head off to start life as something else.

Unless your chosen vessel has a glass wall (width) of more than 2mm thick to avoid explosions don't use it as a candle container.  Glass vases and many drinking glasses are not made or suitable to withstand hours of heat. *It is one of my pet hates when I see people using items from second hand shops as candle containers and either using them themselves or selling to others.  If you don't know the vessel's history, then how can you know that it won't become dangerous?

If you have a container, you love and it's a "forever" jar or container, our Tea-light candles, or our travel tins are a great option to fit into a previously used candle container in your favourite scent.

And knowing that you are doing the right thing safety and recycling wise.

Contact us at or 022 362 6913 to discuss your requirements now!

Should you have any issues or concerns with your Lys Creations NZ Refills please contact us immediately via email along with photos of issue or concern and we will contact you to discuss further.

*Refills are created with wax derived from 100% cocosoy & soy. Our wicks are made of cotton and are coated in vegetable wax. They are zinc & lead-free. We use delicate fragrances and essential oils that are paraben and phthalate-free. No additives, dyes, preservatives, phthalates, parabens, sulphates, or petroleum were used. 
**Some fragrance oils may discolour wax due to their unique colour and vanillin content and their natural reaction to other ingredients or the container material. However, the fragrance is not at fault, and you can expect your candles to burn normally.
**Containers purchased/used by Lys Creations NZ must meet the ASTM Compliance of Glass to be used for Candles

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