Refills - Why we do refills of empty candle containers

Sustainability is the easy reason. Recycling, up-cycling, re-purposing are just a few of many synonyms that help to explain why we choose to do Candle Container Refills.


But there are a few things to point out safety-wise; the pros and cons of recycling glass candle jars.


Scented candles are unique, they smell incredible, and nothing comes close to your favourite fragrance in your favourite candle container.


The downside is that all candles involve fire, a potential danger when instructions are not followed carefully. Therefore, please make sure you always read the SAFETY Instructions and adhere to these when lighting and burning candles, both commercial and refills.


I follow a few guidelines and ask customers to follow with Candles and candle containers they want to refill to make sure my candle creations are as safe as possible. Safety is paramount, and I could never live with myself If I was responsible for an accident or injury. 


So firstly, here are some pros and cons of recycling and refilling glass candle jars.

Glass - Exploding candle jars are quite a problem, and it is not just refilled containers, commercially produced Candles can explode too. Often, these incidents occur due to a lack of education, lack of common sense or simply forgetfulness.


Typically, what causes glass candle jars to explode is that the candle has burned too low, which causes an excessive build-up of heat in the bottom of the jar. The safety instructions tell us to watch the candle, never leave it unsupervised. To stop burning the candle when about 1cm of wax remains. And this is also why Lys Creations NZ used either Soy or Cocosoy Wax for all of our candles; it burns at a much lower heat than other waxes. The lower the melting point, the less strain on the Glass.


Recycling Glass - Not every glass container can be used to make candles safely or refilled. Glass can become stressed from constant heating and cooling of wax. Bumps, drops, and chips all weaken Glass too. Oops, I dropped the candle on the carpet, followed by the sigh of relief that you did not spill wax or that the jar did not break - it has just weakened your Candle Container.


Rule of Thumb or Thumbs - When recycling a previously used glass candle jar, only recycle the jar once, and ONLY once. Then up-cycle your jar by making it into something else, or lastly, put it in the recycling bin and head off to start life as something else.


Unless your chosen vessel has a glass wall (width) of more than 2mm thick to avoid explosions, please don't use it as a candle container. Glass vases and many drinking glasses are not made or suitable to withstand hours of heat. *It is one of my pet hates when I see people using items from second-hand shops as candle containers and either using them themselves or selling them to others. With not knowing the vessel's history, how can you know it is not going to turn into a dangerous or deadly situation. **I will talk about my second pet hate with candles another day.


If you have a container that you love and it's a "forever" jar or container, I am more than happy to make Tealight candles in your favourite fragrance to use in it.

And it is knowing that you are doing the right thing safety and recycling wise.


For more information please read or contact us now at or 022 362 6913