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In this day and age, having children to take care of and having a career is the norm for most parents, and it seems some Super Mums stay on top of everything.  Juggling all aspects of your life can be hard, leaving you feeling drained and tired by the end of the day.

Here are a few tips and ideas to help you stay focused on tasks, have enough time for all your roles and to try and find self-care time for yourself during it all to de-stress.  And depending on the age of the off spring maybe “train” them in using some of these ideas to help and assist.

Getting ready for the school run;
This used to be the worst part of the day for me, trying to get everyone up and out of bed, a reasonably good start to the day healthy breakfast and interesting lunch’s plus making sure sporting & other extra-curricular items are ready to go and not left at home.
Having clear schedules set will help you keep routines not just for yourself but those that you are cohabitating with.  Have dedicated “homework time” where the children sit around the table to focus on their school-work is a great option and helps to make sure it is all done before the weekend, so it is not eating into family time.  Have a schedule day/time for things like ironing, and folding washing (maybe whilst kids are doing Homework so you can oversee and assist where required – otherwise listen to a pod-cast or some sort of music to release your brain from the days previous activities).

When you bring the weeks shopping home, re pack items that you can in preparation for lunch’s or after school snacks as you are unpacking those bags, so these are ready go for the next few days.

*Try and group tasks together so that you are only doing once a week where possible rather than 2 or 3 times, this saves time and means done once and gone till next week.
Stick to a meal plan;
Sticking to a meal plan is a great way to plan and involve capable aged children or introduce younger ones into assisting with easier meal prep.  Try and make the plan everyone’s input the night before your weekly or fortnightly shopping trip, so you have a set list of ingredients and requirements and take this with you to the Supermarket to save time, stress, and money. Checking family members schedules and plans prior to preparing also lets you know of extra guests or if someone may be arriving later than normal for a meal.
Taking time to de-stress;
Juggling everything – including home life, work, school, sporting, and other activities plus important family time can leave us feeling very tired, taxed, and run down especially with the constant changes we are and have been experiencing over the last few years.  It can be difficult to take time for yourself and to focus on your well-being, self-care and being able to de-stress.  Unless you take and make time for you!! your mind is constantly turning, impacting on your sleep and your overall mood. Making time to rest, in a stress-free environment and really taking a few minutes of peace and reducing sensory overload you will find yourself feeling less overwhelmed.
Closing notes;
Even with taking time to plan your week (which looks perfect and organised at the time), the best laid plans are normally foiled by ad hoc and random events, tasks, and emergencies.  Allow yourself a bit of adjustment and sometimes just take it as it happens rather than adding more stress to a possible stressful outcome. 

Always remember you are doing the best that you can and keep life in perspective.

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