Just a little more about Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

With only a few days left of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we would love to be able to finish the month off with a bang and really make a noticeable contribution to The Breast Cancer Foundation next week.

We have some amazing candles available in our cute White Travel Tins with limited-edition Pink labels and 10% of each sale goes directly to The Breast Cancer Foundation.

Breast Cancer can affect us all both young and mature and not just women.  When I recently had my own check-up I asked (because I am such a curious person) if they ever had men come in for Mammograms and to my surprise, the answer was "Yes we do, about 10 a month". 

So maybe it is worth having a conversation with your teen or early 20's daughter and her friends, and also some of the men in your life.  And just see if they are aware of how to take care of their chests and if or should they have any concerns get them or even book it yourself an appointment with a health professional.


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