How your purchase makes a difference...

Something that was posted yesterday by one of our newest retailers/stockists who will be announced on Friday posted about Positivity and lifting spirits... so it had me thinking, and here is my "soup" lifting message for today"
Thank you to our new Retailers and Stockists, many of these are small New Zealand home grown businesses with amazing Women entrepreneurs at the helm.
Not only do these women run very successful businesses, they are mums and wives who may come across as Super Human, but at the end of the day (or even during the day) they are just like the rest of us and need encouragement, support and sometimes time out for themselves.
So between juggling stock control, orders to suppliers, orders from customers, manufacturing and production planning, sorting out kpi's and so many other things they are also running the dog to vet, dropping johnny and janey off at school, planning dinner and the next family get away.
And that is where you the person reading this message comes into play... your order whether it be a $10.00 item or a $100.00 item basically gives that Super Human Woman a hug and a "thank you". And guess what? she may be your neighbour, the mum you talk to briefing during school drop offs or pick ups. She may be the lady in front of you in the supermarket line.
So please remember, Buying Local and Support Local Businesses does make a difference in more ways than you can ever imagine. xx

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