How To: Choose the perfect fragrance online

Every occasion calls for a different type of candle, but it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with the same old scent.

At Lys Creations NZ we take our fragrances very seriously and our passion is to make sure our valued customers pick a fragrance that they will not only fall in love with but will also tell everyone about!!

Below you will find some handy steps to help you make sense of shopping for the best fragranced candles online, when you can’t physically smell them.

    1)Start with a scent or fragrance group

      It helps to first work out what scent group your preferred fragrance generally falls into.  To assist with this our website has fragrance broken into three groups: Floral & Fruity, Foodie and Earthy & Spicy.  We will be reworking and redefining these groups soon to make way for exciting new fragrances.

      Everyone leans towards a favourite scent group, whether that fragrance is reminiscent of a certain time in your life or matches your character and style.

      Our fragrance groups are a great place to start.

        2)We are here to help

          Take note of a fragrance or fragrances that stand out to you.  We love to talk to customers about different fragrances and explaining the different notes of each one to ensure you pick something that you will enjoy smelling whether your candle is lit or not.

          Or if you have a fragrance that is not covered in our fragrance groups, please let us know and we can either source a fragrance or create a bespoke fragrance just for you.

            3)Location, location, location

              Where you are planning on placing your candle is also very important. Consider which room of the house you will be burning your candle in and the general size and mood of the room.

              For example, clean and fresh fragrances work well in kitchens and bathrooms, whilst florals are also great for bathrooms, they are equally perfect for bedrooms.  Spicy fragrances are great for bedrooms and studies.

              Larger rooms demand bolder scents and consider larger candles or groups of candles to improve scent throw.  Smaller rooms require softer and lighter fragrances.

              Always remember, bigger or stronger scents can be overwhelming in smaller spaces whilst lighter scents may be lost in your spacious living room.

                4)Match the Season

                  Bring the outdoors in by matching a candle scent to the current season.  When it’s cold and wintery outside, bring warmth and create a cosy atmosphere with a woody, spicy scent.  As spring approaches think of floral and fresh scents to assist with the spring cleaning.  During the hot, steamy summer months, tropical fruits, coconut, and citrus will freshen your space or embrace ozonic fragrances for wisps of sea breezes. When the leaves begin to turn and fall, and the nights are getting longer go for green, earthy scents to match nature.

                  The “other” seasons to look for are those festival ones, we have a lovely range of fragrances to match various Holidays and Celebrations throughout the year which are always popular when they are released for limit times.

                    5)Finishing Touches

                      We all love scented candles for their amazing fragrances, but don’t forget their effectiveness as decorative features too!

                      With a wide variety of beautiful candle vessels to choose from, many of which are designed to be reused and re-purposed long after the candle has burnt out, buying a scented candle means you will also get the perfect piece to help add something extra to your space.


                      Closing notes;

                      I hope this guide helps making decisions on which fragranced candle to purchase next easier for you.  If you are still unsure give me a call to discuss your thoughts and I can help you make an informed decision.


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                      Lys Creations NZ

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