How long will my candle last? Why has my candle not lasted as long as advised?

There are many reasons for why a candle may burn slower or quicker than advised on the purchase page or packaging.

Candle care comes into play right from the start, the first time you burn your candle it is important to burn the candle until the wax pool reaches the side of the jar (approx. 1-2 hours). This first burn will form a 'memory' for all future burns and prevent tunnelling. Tunnelling is where the wax pool forms a tunnel down the centre and does not reach the sides of the jar which means your candle will not last as long.

Always trim the wick to about 6mm above the wax before re-lighting. Long wicks can cause excess flame, smoke, leave soot on the glass jar and an excess of carbon build-up on the wick. 

Candle variables make a difference. The variables involved in candle making will make a difference in the burn times for candle products. Candle-specific variables may include:

  • Candle size
  • Type of waxed used
  • Amount and type of additives used
  • Type of wick material used
  • Length of wick
  • Use of odd-shaped jars

Another variable in your candle’s burn time concerns how hot the glass becomes while burning. Using a heat-safe glass for all candles is essential to preventing broken glass and candle-related fires.

Other factors in the environment also affect your candle’s burn time, including:

  • Movement of air
  • Amount of oxygen
  • Room temperature

Candles in cooler temperatures may take longer to burn to a melting point or produce a smaller flame which may extend the overall burn time of your candle. A reduced overall burn time could be possible in warmer temperatures above approximately 25℃

ALL Lys Creations NZ candles are made with pure cocosoy or soy wax with NO additives. All wicks are zinc and lead free. Fragrances used are natural or pure and are guaranteed to be 100% Phthalate free, so you can breathe easy. All fragrances are carefully tested for use in soy or cocosoy candles. All vessels or Glass Containers used by Lys Creations NZ are tested and adhere to Standards ASTM F2179, ASTM C148, ASTM C149 as appropriate for their type.

*Some fragrance oils may discolour wax due to their unique colour and vanillin content, and their natural reaction to other ingredients. The fragrance is not at fault, and you can expect your candles to burn normally.

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