From Dionne @ Salt and Oil

We are a family run business up in the Winterless North of New Zealand. To combat the stresses of everyday life (yes, even up here!) we started taking more regular baths with therapeutic salts, and soon discovered how relaxing and effective they are for our physical and mental well-being. Especially when combined with essential oils.

Our children love their muscle-soothing baths after sport too, so our bathrooms were getting cluttered with the different tubs, packets, and bottles. We decided to pre-mix the salts and oils. So … Salt & Oil! We toyed with the idea of fancy bath salts with flower petals and glitter, but we prefer an easy life with less cleaning, so – JUST Salt & Oil. No unnecessary extras. Much more relaxing! 

We use high quality natural ingredients, sourced from ethical distributors. We hand-make the products in small batches. Our vision is happy, relaxed, rested households up and down New Zealand.

A relaxing bath is made even more enjoyable by the flicker of candlelight. We’re excited to stock candles by Lys as they are all natural, and we love supporting another Kiwi small business.

Dionne Strobel

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