Breathe Easy: Reducing Toxins and our Footprint with Natural Clean Candles.

With all the talk about Global warming and toxic emissions, do you ever think about how you can help, even if it is on a much smaller scale?

Think about the candles you purchase from Omnichannel Supply chain stores; what has gone into getting that candle onto the shelf for you to buy?

Firstly, the chances of those candles being made in New Zealand are zero. They may have been produced in Australia or America, but more than likely, they are from China. Machines in a factory would have mass-produced the candle. So, there is a vast Footprint of industrial commerce and shipping.

The ingredients contained in that candle; how natural or sustainable are they? Have a look at the label and packaging to see what the listed components are? Are there any ingredients even listed? There will be a manufacturer name, a fragrance name and possibly something saying All Natural Ingredients or just Soy Wax.

But does the label give you any more information than that? If you google the candle information, can you get any additional information on what has been used to produce that candle? If you go to the manufacturer’s website (if you can find it), is there any further information available there?

You will find that many of the candles available from Multi-Store Retailers contain wax that contains Paraffin and or palm wax which makes these candles very cheap and toxic. Even if there is a Soy Wax component, these candles are still full of highly toxic chemicals like benzene and toluene, known carcinogens, and the toxins released are the same as those found in diesel fuel fumes.

You may have noticed that I keep using the word “produced” when talking about these candles; machines make them, so yes, they are produced and not created. 

If you want a Natural NZ Made Candle, then Lys Creations NZ is a perfect match for you. Lys Creations NZ candles are individually created in small batches by hand. Our candles are created with non-toxic, 100% natural cocosoy wax, infused with natural fragrances and contain natural cotton wicks. No toxins, dyes, phthalates, animal-derived additives, or harmful ingredients are included in our candles. 

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