Brain Fog: What is it?



It seems that more and more people are experiencing a lack of focus or concentration when it comes to getting things done at work, at home or even whilst driving.
So, what is this thing we call Brain Fog? What causes it? And how can we manage our lives better, so we don’t suffer from symptoms any longer than necessary?
Today I am trying to decide between whether I have Fridayitess or Brain Fog - not focused whilst I have a million things to do, unsure which task to take on and have already filed a few for next week rather than sit and steer at them willing them to inspire me into a creative marketing genius. 
Which led me to think about Chanelle Reid from Razor Web and her catch talk at the moment asking you to put your hand up if you are a genius at what you do... A sign that you aren’t working in your genius zone is when you spend 2 hours trying to do something that would take someone else 10 minutes. 
So why am I writing this for you? 
I am NOT a Creative Marketing Genius. 
I am, however, excellent at creating individually hand-crafted candles. I use several fragrances in candles that are great for Mental Clarity, to brighten, enhance and refresh your day, relieve stress and fatigue, and of course, at the end of the day to prepare you for a night of restful sleep. A few common ones that seem across the board with the situations or issues above are Clary Sage, Ginger, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Peppermint and Rosemary. 
Some popular candle fragrances we stock or can make especially for you* are Clary Sage, Exotic Woods, Green Tea & Lemon-grass, Lemon Balm & Rosemary, Lemon-grass & Ginger, Sandalwood, Tahitian Lime & Grapefruit or White Pepper & Lime. 
Whilst I do mention above that Brain Fog is not a medical condition, please take note if these feelings or the symptoms are ongoing as they could be a clue towards other underlying issues which may relate to a *glitch in brain functions or other parts of your body which can be medically related.

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