About Savanna and Salon Beleza NZ; one of our Retailers

Hi, my name is Savanna Nienaber, and I am currently a beauty student from Elite School of Beauty.


I have always loved the beauty industry and always wanted to know and learn more about the different beauty treatments which are available and being offered to people.

I started studying in June 2020 and at the same time, found out that I was pregnant with my beautiful baby girl Sofia.  In January 2021 Sofia was born, which meant that I was not able to complete my studies and graduate in March 2021 with my other classmates.


I then decided that I wanted to maintain my knowledge and skills that I had worked so hard in obtaining and at the same time, wanted to provide amazing, and affordable beauty treatments to the lovely woman within my community and the wider Hamilton region.  That is when Salon Beleza NZ began.


Everyone should have the opportunity to treat themselves and enjoy some ‘me time’.  My prices are affordable, and I am proud of the excellent customer service I deliver as well as the amazing treatments I provide, it is not difficult to provide both excellent customer service and amazing treatments, when I actually love and have a deep passion for what I do every day.


I am always learning and seeking ways to provide an ‘unforgettable’ experience to each client I have.


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